RingSpindle™ Care and Maintenance

Ringspindle being carved

The Wood

Keep your RingSpindle™ away from direct sunlight and sources of direct heat to prevent the wooden whorl from drying out. An occasional oiling will keep the wooden whorl and shaft looking new and beautiful. Wood likes almost any oil. Mineral oil or pure vegetable oil can be used, as well as furniture oil you use for your fine furniture. We suggest applying the oil with a Q-tip to reach in and around carved areas of the whorl. Then wipe and buff with a soft cloth.

The Bronze Alloy Ring

The bronze alloy ring that surrounds the wooden whorl on our spindles is tarnish resistant, but not tarnish proof. Hand creams, detergents, and other chemicals from your hands can hasten discoloring of the ring. Sanding  the top and exterior part of the ring with 400 grit silicon carbide sandpaper (available at most hardware stores), will remove any discoloring.

Or for no maintenance, you can let the bronze alloy ring go without brightening, and eventually over time, it will reach a deep, true bronze color.

Vintage and decorative rings (as well as whorl insets) that are sterling silver, copper, or brass can be cleaned and brightened by using a silver polishing cloth.

The Bronze Alloy Ring with Black Finish is maintenance free.